Hello Ma'am
I'm present in your presence I feel
It's time I depart in your soul see
I'm a flower that was built by the man
Or the woman that I fair
He she resides up there and
Time is so irrelevant
Conspire it's a line finds a design
A creature so benevolent
Your soul fuses a fume of desire
That senses my senses
Trigger blend so tremendous and
The world that I reside in
Sometimes Im hiding, so makes dividing
Nights are unwinding
Pleasure that I thought I once knew
Huh. It never grew

Once again it's time to Depart

Alright so get focused
Beautiful women of America here it goes

Talk to me baby I am lost for words
But this is something new, I am often heard
Oh, thats your real name? I thought you were called the second?
Word? On the earth I am called the 3rd
Theophilus London power ensured
But enough about me see its about you
And how much we grew and what's true
Huh. Is true

Baby! Just sit right there
Don't go no where
I've got somethings to show you
Just be well prepared
Baby! Take my time
Just put your faith in me
When I'm around you
Oh Baby!

Once again it's time to Depart
Take me outa here Im finished girl
I don't wanna go right now
Never want to let you go

Back in the days when I was young
I'm not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again
Want to go back to the days where everything was so pure
I'm so sure that everything will be the same way
Girl... The evolution of your body it's amazing
It's like I seen you grow right before my eyes
Im breathless
Im speachless

Once again it's time to Depart
Take me outa here Im finished girl
Can I talk to you now girl
Just want to take you back

Yea, uh

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