Gone until the early evenin', search for her
A vault's inside that I've been yearnin' for your love
There's a way to catch you through the air waves
To change your mind
Tonight I hope you hear me copin' one last time

Everybody is somebody's baby
Until the point 'til you drive me crazy
And no answer, no phone, I'm not home
Drop everythin', headed over to Stockholm
You dealt with your fears, hugged the truth
The out lookin' in, ignited the fuse
The words you made emerge
Leadin' on a verse to a path you should deserve
People around town tell me words that's so absurd
Now I got a light in the dark, I'm at the curve
Lookin' for my love like your mighty but only hurt
Never face to face but it's time we make it work, make it work
Hold up, got stories to tell
Someone pack us in smile, have recorded the mail, the mail
My love, my love, see you next time
Just know, never forget mine (hey!)

Talk to me, I need you now
Sing to me and soothe my air
See it was all giggles when you was here
And now the snapshot, is it shoe for nail?
You the queen bee on some Lil' Kim shit
Let's fly away, handle our business
My best bug and my hug bug
And now you know I've got bitten by a love bug
And when you're dancin', shake that curly hair
Strange takin' back to the early years
Had a skinned dick, I'm looking for a clue
I'm checkin' in, ask the clerk if he saw you
And on some young shit, humdrum dumb shit
Skyline great, got my body on some numb shit
If not now, guess I'll see you next time
Just know, never forget mine (hey!)

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