Buffalo gal,
You've had your fun
Your button's undone
And the time's right for slaughter
Buffalo gal
You're thirsty and there's no more water
Like the lamb on the altar
And it's sad to see you looking down and feeling blue
Try your best to get on up and see it through
In a while you might smile and see the sun
Oww, the day has begun

And buffalo gal,
They're closing down the old dance hall
Ummm, buffalo gal,
What we gonna do now?

Buffalo gal,
Due to these circumstances
There's no more dances
Buffalo gal,
[buffalo] all your chances of further romances
Will have to be nil
'til i can get it sung
Is a shame your only claim to fame is jessie james
You know his middle name
That's very strange
Stranger, you knew a friend called the friendly ranger
Oh, ya shared the danger

Repeat chorus
Buffalo repeat 16 times

Buffalo gal,
You must try a big step
You've got a big jump ahead
Buffalo gal,
The show left town
Spreading sunshine all around
And it's bad to see ya, ooh, lookin' blue
Dry your eyes and i'll apologise for all the lies
Try a smile and in a while, just in a while
You'll be smiling through

Ooh, buffalo gal,
They're closin' down the old dance hall
And buffalo gal,
Oh, you look so good somehow
Oh buffalo gal,
Oh, that's such a pretty dress
Buffalo gal,
The show left town
Buffalo gal,
Take a picture
Of buffalo gal

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