Valentino got a booky shop
And what he takes he gives for what he's got
And what he's got he says he has not
Stole from anyone

It's not that he don't tell the truth
Or even that he misspends his youth
It's just that he holds the proof
But you know that something's wrong

Waiting for an alibi

Valentino's in a cold sweat
Placed all his money on that last bet
Against all the odds he smokes another cigarette
Says it helps him to forget he's a nervous wreck

It's not that he misses much
Or even that he lost his lucky touch
It's just he gambles so much
And you know that's it wrong

Waiting for an alibi
Waiting just to catch your eye
Trying to say I told you, I told you

Valentino got nowhere to go
On his own like Romeo
Blow by blow he watches his money go
Now he's oh so low

It's not that he misses her
Or even that he can't resist her
It's just that kissing her
He feels so strong

Waiting for an alibi

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