What Kind of Song do You Want to Sing For Me?
Is It Slow Or Is It Rock and Roll?
What Kind of Day do You Want to Bring to Me?
Rain Or Shine, I Would Be Just Fine

'cause I've Got Everything I Need
I Got Everything
I Got Everything

I Got You and You're Putting It All Together
And It Doesn't Get Any Better As Far As I Can Tell
I Got You Right Now and Ever After
And It Doesn't Even Really Matter
That I've Got Nothing Else
'cause I Got You

Where do I Go When I Want to Know the Truth?
It Isn't Me, Well It's Only You
When Will I Know What You Have For Me to Do?
Is It Now Or Is It Coming Soon?

Be It Pleasure Or Be It Pain
I'm Ready For Whatever Life May Bring
'cause I Know That in the End
Everything Works Together
For the Good of Those Who Love Him

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