Lonely distance on the road
Keep lookin' straight ahead
Only know I need to go
Where angels fear to tread
Some people cross my path awhile
Sometimes I stand alone
But in the end it's a one way street
And every choice is your own
A race that everybody runs
You're not the only one
We all have to try to survive
A dance with destiny and time
I won't be left behind
I've got to run
In the marathon of life
Easy losing track of time
Temptations all around
Don't take much for anyone
To try and take you down
You have to learn to walk away
You have to know what's true
If you should aim for something more
Don't ever stop till you're through
You've got to run, can't step aside
You have to stand, stand up and fight
You got to cross the finishing line
This is your place, this is your time

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