Like the sunrise shines through the haze
When I saw your eyes, everything changed
Something was different, somehow
By the time that sun went down
My life turned around
Cause I found my one and only

It was destiny, it was written in the stars
You were meant for me
To be holding in these arms
So long empty and cold
Let me feed your hungry soul
Eternally, you will be
My one and only

You never win, you never lose
If you never let love begin
You're gonna win, you just can't lose
As soon as your heart let's love in
Let love in, my one and only

There are bridges to burn and many more to build
As the seasons turn and every dream's fulfilled
I will be there with you
Making love forever new
I will be there for you
My one and only

I never win, I never lose
If I never let love begin
I'm gonna win, I just can't lose
As soon as my heart let's love in
We never win, we never lose
If we never let love begin
We're gonna win, we just can't lose
As soon as we let love in

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