Born in New York City
Where the asphalt Cowboys ride
All matters of the heart we hide
In this concrete jungle you've become my raising sun
You're my secret I won't share with anyone
Disregard the braises, this is how the West was won
Forgive me if I'm coming on too strong
'Cause I know I'm
Too hot-blooded, quick to draw
When will I ever learn
That a kiss of you will take me to
The point of no return
All or nothing, do or die
There is no in between
And you are by far the coolest thing
These eyes have ever seen
You control my temper
With a smile straight from your heart
Your strength won't let me fall apart
Thought to be a "loner", this may come as a surprise
I need you to be there for my sun to rise
And I'm hopelessly addicted to your physical embrace
Forgive me if my passion's out of place
'Cause I know I'm
These eyes have ever seen
These eyes have ever seen

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