She wore jeans like a boy
We shared the same toys
Plays Cowboys and Indians
Were the best friends all those years
Until that day, I saw her walk my way
My heartbeat was racing
I felt it coming
Every inch of my skin
Was breathing her in
I felt desire
To take her in my arms
How will she see the changes in me
What in the world will it take
To make her feel the way I do
Paradise takes two
Don't let me go there alone
I pray that this love
Will find it's way to you
It's the heat between the girls and the boys
It's the time when hearts start making noise
It's the way of the world, it's the way life goes
Baby, listen how the thunder grows
I'm not giving away
What my heart wants to say
I'm taking no chances of
Longing her, we'll go on as before
Might hurt a little more
And more now than ever I say:
Baby let me be around you forever
Never any Never
Maybe tomorrow it's you
Maybe it's you
Whose heartbeat's racing too
I remember when we use to play on the swings
Growin' up together doin' all kinds of thing
Laughin' while I chase you around the park
Then I cried 'cause we couldn't play after dark
When you were hurtin' I felt the pain too
But I was to much to young to know what I was going through
But now that I'm older
I know that I wanna be more than friends
But would it be the end if I told her
I wanna kiss her and hold her
She means the world to me
And I just can't afford ya
Take the chance on running the things we share
So on that note I gotta stay clear
Of anything that might interfere
Can't stand the heat, Baby, listen here

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