You shouldn't be satisfied with silver
When you can have gold
I'll never cling to you like she does
I don't want to force you to take me home
Even your friend who looks like James Dean
Get's pale when you're around
I get panic when I think of
All those chances with you I never took
Did you get tired of me on the way?

And I know, and you know
You'll never stay
I'll never go

What if you knew how easy
You could have me now?
Come on I'm worth to struggle for

You've got too many groupies I have to fight
I wish I had just one to beat you up
Come on I'm worth to struggle for
Let's chase some clouds together
Ride the rainbow with me
Try to catch a fox in space and
Keep it in your pocket
Under the surface stars are closer
Than you think

I know I should leave you out of my mind
But this train has gone too far

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