here goes ludacris's verse

Dis bitch dat hoe let see you pussy bitch come through wit a donation that will
Make you rich bigga lips
On the pussy let me see you blow a kiss in the back wit the yak while they
Blowi on ludacris i can see it
In your eyes give me the pussy for a burger and some fries and they always
Wonder why cause i put em'
In the room and i get em so fuckin high, luda i'm so true to smokin that stanky
Buda my pinky's shining wit
Diamonds my index is on the roga all of these hoes on the scene they just call
Me freddie kruga the boogie
Man oogie woogie give me that ooga booga you can't deny no passin by it you got
To try it i'm number one
Public enemy power got to fight it i have my gun and my identity started a
Fuckin riot we havin fun it some
Senities pussy like it buy it

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