gotta touch em maine reapeatx2
You gotta touch em when you see dj mel making fresh beats we aint nothin but
Some killas u's a bithc and u actin like a snitc so fuck wit us,so dont play
Wit us,dont mess wit us ,cuz we da real deal ready to get us a platnim meal im
Starvin and hongry dont even try to be my homie i will get my 30-30rifel and
Let go some demon shit biooootch

Gotta touch em x4
So i park up on maplewood and i took a drank and i sen a skank i said come
Here bitch i want you to lick around my nuts she said cool 25$ i said bitch
Please you tipeen. so she got to lickin it was the best in the world so i
Started trippen.

Yea nigga we out we comin back but 4 now peace and im gon
Touch you

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