[Lil Glock]
hangin out tha window holdin tight to my murder weapon
hit the lights, creep up slow, bullet lead catch ya lil ass slippin
glock poppin bustas droppin niggas duckin from dis shit
mask on my face no decription of who made this hit
bitches thinkin "who was it?"
bitch, it was triple six
devil thoughts, evil thoughts, trizzick bitches I just clizzick
plenty of blood no suspects only victims laying dead
shells laying in their bodys, its the f**king bullet lead
now niggas in da morgue and I could give a f**k less
keep my business quiet as kept, mothers in that black dress
headed back to my f**kin hood
project born ridge grove
hustla raised gangsta raised bussiness up in ???
now sorry your the one got me reachin for my hip
no friends in the game in the spot victim of my clip
f**k all you bustas step and your gonna die
comin at yo ass victim of a f**kin drive by.

(course)x4 break out the mask and the glock and get rid of you (pop pop till you drop body full of bullet holes)

straight from the north bitch, ridge grove is my stomping ground
you niggas don't make a move, you bitches don't make a sound
sawed-off gangsta and nigga glock back in for the 94
tellin all you punk bustas man, bring that shit to the door
i'm able, unfadable no nigga can f**k wit dis
you talk all that bulshit to yo mouth goes my f**kin fist
I'm jackin 5000 bitch so go home and get yo gat
you better take cover hoe 'cause this shit is on like that
squeezin my f**kin trigger blastin to take your life
your niggaz done got all down so you have to pay the price
jumped in the f**kin ride loced up like from head to toe
I pulled out a sack of ink rolled up as we start to blow
my gat is tight in my hand its too late to break and run
my bullets ejected bitch got shot down by teflons
on a spree, killin see, welcome to the evil side
its too late to run bitch, victim of a drive by

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