Chorus X2
Well every since I can remember I been poppin my collar poppin poppin my collar poppin poppin my collar
Well every since I can remember I've been workin' dese hoes & dey put my money in my hand (in my hand)

DJ Paul
Now when it comes 2 gettin bread, I got the keys 2 the bakery
A lotta dudes swearin' dey playin, mane dey sum fakery
Let me catch yo girl about sum workin' in my sight
And believe i'm gon at cha in the daylight wit a flashlight
I'm tryin 2 get paid however money iz made
A lotta dudes like 2 pay ladiez 2 get laid
But me i ain't no pimp, i just luv 2 borra
Take it from a fat bitch, ugly bitch I mob'er 4 real

Juicy J
Well U know me by the Juice Mane hangin' out wit big Treece
Standin' on the porch drankin liquor, drunk, smokin' weed
Tryin 2 get a paycheck but welfare hadddin came yet
That Y i stay in a girl it'll keep that pussy wet so i can get paid & relax in the shade
and say fuck a 9 to 5 cuz a nigga tired ov slavin
Itz never ez for a playa in the hood on the come up
If i meet a gal wit three 3 kidz or more, she'll get done up


Crunchy Blac
She's just another hoe that i meet in the hood
i told i was Crunchy Blac & it wuz all good
she might as well gon head & suck up on my wood
& let me whisper somethin' in her ear if i could
i got sum hoes that'll bring yo boy about sum good
That ghetty green know what i mean dey bitches understood
That hammod no shourt about sum muthafuckin sluud
U know that bad bitch'll make me cut a fuckin' rug
U better go out there and get my money in the mud
I'll hit U in the head & leave yo head wit a plug
U know i gotta have gotta get my money, what?
These hoes out here be fuckin' for a muthafuckin dub (freaky bitch)


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