We lookin' for dem J. Lo booties big ol' ass round and fat
(Let me squeeze it)
(Let me squeeze it)
When she take it to da floor I wanna hit it from da back
(Let me squeeze it)
(Let me squeeze it)
All you ladies pop your pussy like this (Yo)
Shake your body don?t stop don?t miss (Wooo)
[Frayser Boy]
Man she got me in a zone
When I watch this broad past by
Been diggin? at this bitch all night, but this my last try
I'm tryna see whats up, you know a nigga tryna fuck
If you want your girly girl then I settle for a suck
You got a thug on the scene, in the club on some green
A nigga ain't genuine but tryna get up in those jeans
Frayser Boy thats the name
Fuck another I'm the mann
Bangin drink after drink to get ya drunk
I'm tryna bang
[Crunchy Black]
Where ya at, whoa
Where ya at, whoa
CB wanna hit ya from the back, whoa
And when I grab your girl don't hollah 'let go'
Cuz I like a girl with a big back bro
I mean she stacked low
And when I tackzo(????)
I shoot that thang like I'm shootin' off a mac, ho
It ain't no game I play when it come to D
And if you get it from me, you gettin' dope D (Dope D)
[Chorus x 2]
All you ladies pop your pussy like this (yo)
Shake your body don?t stop don?t miss
[Juicy J]
Juicy J is pimpy
Not always all friendly
I wanna get that chewin' like from Monica Lewinsky
She can call me (Popppy)
Hangin' low and (Floppy)
When I get behind her ass she tell me (Boy, you got me)
I don't care for size 4
I just want a size more
Big old J. Lo booty what a wedding good she sized for (??)
Bring it up (Bring it up)
Back it back Back it back)
Make it wiggle (Make it wiggle)
Make it jiggle, make it clap
[Lil Wyte]
Let me squeeze it and don't tease it
Gotta get it I done seen it
Soon as she drop it to the floor
Its over for this one this evening
I might leave it stick it drippin' up out the side of her secret
Victoria probably gonna be pissed whenever she sees it
But once you got me goin' its on
Ain't no reason for you to be wantin' to go home
Ya got to give it to me nice and round that big J. Lo booty
I need it badly I'd be happy top it off she a cutie
[Chorus x 2]
All you ladies pop your pussy like this (yeah yeah!)
Shake your body don?t stop don?t miss (yeah yeah yeah!)
[DJ Paul]
I'm lookin' for the J. Lo booty
But I ain't Ben Affleck
And I ain't did it
And I ain't the dude that taught her to dance like that
I'm just a dirty dirty down south gold mouth nigga
Can't remember the last time I only saw six figures
I bang a bad big booty thang daily
I did more stars than that boy Carson Daily
And if you nice you ain't even gotta pay me
But if you ugly hit the bank, we'll draw the savings
[Lord Infamous]
I know this broad
She licked the infamous so good
She make me wanna cry
And if she wasn't such a dog
I'd hit a doggy every night
They put the FREE- in freak
The -UT in slut
They put the -AMP in tramp
And catch it when I take off the glove
She give brain and sayin' I called her Daina Brainiac
Let me meet the family all the women nymphomaniacs
She got the biggest brown round that ya ever seen
Lordomaniac I'll make her hit the club and make that cheese

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