(feat. Trick Daddy, Slim Thug & Roger Back)

Juicy J: I got to stay fly iii iiii iiiii iii ii till i dieii iii ii iii iii
i got to stay fly iii ii iii iii iii ii till i die i iii iii iii ii

Dj paul:remix, new three 6- mafia ,(yea) dirtysouth,its goin down,trick daddy,roger back,slim thug, we gota stay

juicy j: I got to stay fly iii iiii iiiii iii ii till i dieii iii ii iii iii
i got to stay fly iii ii iii iii iii ii till i die i iii iii iii ii

Juicy J:we still fly and we freash out the mall brand new set wit a tone in my drawl
playin wit a cush in a cd of paul
cause moved out still breakin the law
betta be hear in a chuckin of free
retta reperice in off in the the seat
yea i sure i give her a piece
by the end of the nite she be chewin my meat
black offed wit a size of twelve inches long
thats y girls keep callin my fone
first i was a trapper then turned rapper
now these groupies wont leave me alone
his got pissed cuz i maybacked the wip
the project packed was back on the brik
if u wanna no i be baggin ur bitch she be suckin my dick and ill be putin the filt

Dj Paul:dj paul paul is official the king of the town
some clown better grab my crown i hit um made um put it down
i represent the M
i doit betta then him or her or them
im see they M
they hate me because off my car
they hate me because of my props
they hate me cuz ima platium artist and now ima movie star
nigga get ur weight up
and dont u come to me
ya signed a people and ya dont even no how old i gots to be

Trick Daddy:i could smoke a hole bomb that purple crik and jamican shit get rid of a the stample seen
get a dutch and split on infinimum weed
now in hale hold it there ex hale oh yea
hard to cloud wat its like cancer ring get high juss to ese the pain and i smoke all nite smoke all day bak to bak allazay and oz couldnt hold me 4 a week hear to take a brown of pound juss to hold me down im a weed head and u no that
u wanna smoke one we can blow this ,puffand pass trip and last it high and and cool it down

Crunchy Black: ya no marry,marry jane i could take her any wer and she be game
she'll do her thang
she'll get that chain
its wat ever little buddy
see wat i mean


Slim Thug:ima stay fly till i die stay high to the sky puffin on la whileim ridin my ride
people white cup full of u no wat
that purple stuff on my side while i drive
back and fourth on that i 45 grippin grain while im tippin main candy bluse slap drippin main
got the trunk on vain while im changin lane aint shit change
not gonna act no vain still claim the same wit that blue boy game the north side thats the boss side thats were i hang holdup man i rep the the tex wen im breakin necks
make u move ur necks and collect the checks memphis ten through up the sets
let them boys no we dont part no plets

Roger back:My cheak iz bleesed i could'nt be stressed thats y im spitin these verses
im freazed the wizzed freash out the pizzed
made me spoil these erzied them erzed berzed never come last because i stacked the cashes slow like my lashes aint crashescause i kept my glasses on top of that gizay w-lizay i aint goin backwards
our clickity click blow off of the rick
does haters aint no factor
my platuim jewlery is my tory
dont come rappin grimmey
im fly as ever blow shinnin
built to be so mighty

Juicy J:I got to stay Fly ii ii ii iiii iii ii ii urrrr

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