its gonna be a deadly night
Kinda silent
Kinda violent as we stroll
Theses niggas got ammo
But i found out thats the way it goes
The triple 6 mafia be like quick to ride on some tricks
While smokin on mega blunts
Hoe we take care of our business
The koopsta the knicca the ciz ap peela is on the scene.
The diznevil's daughter gangsta boo be lookin so so mean
Call up crunchy black
Get tha gats
Let then bustas know
Fuckin wit triple 6 you young bitches
You gotta go
The cali the hunted
The tricks that want it i buck down
The killa man dj paul the g with the evil frown
These niggas be talkin shit about who and who they don't like
Theses pimp hating bitches
Gonna make a playa just take ure life
Scarecrow is the nigga da mystic nigga
That is so damn slick
A natural born killa with no remorse
Oh a funky bitch
The juice man be quick to buck wit them thangs
He be droppin ya
Ya bustas cant stand a chance against the triple 6 mafia

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