Fists come out like a barroom brawl
Scratched out eyes like a bathroom stall
Stand outside where the corpses crawl
We don't know what we want but we want it all

Who created this monsters?
Are they born, are they made?
From the densest cities to the everglades
Their eyes are like knives, words like grenades
Some sharpen their pencils
Others sharpen their blades

Can we see without light?
Speak without sound?
Or hear through the bushes?
Walk without ground?
It's what people want
What if people want more?
We all owe somebody something

[2x] This is why we war

Future crimes and ancient faults
A hidden agenda kept in unopened vaults
Brought to our attention
With these smelling salts
We gave you a chance
Now give us results
It's the gnashing of teeth,
The blood on your breath
The poisonous tongue
'til there's nothing left
It's the bark of a dog
The hiss of a cat
The scream of a vulture
The smell of a rat

[4x] This is why we war

[5x] This is why we war

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