See their faces in their cages and their pens and crowded spaces
They can barely breathe in
Why do this? What's the reason for this misery?
It's open season on the animals of the world tonight
Everyday for the rest of our lives
And I ask why?

I don't understand
We claim everything that we come in contact with
The skies are ours, the ocean floor
Every living thing except for the human race
Please someone tell me what makes us think we're all so great

We know that there's a way that we can eliminate the pain
'Cause I don't even really care if they want to criticize me
I won't be part of this (anymore)

It seems like we're all just slaves to our insatiable tastes and apetites, but we're better than the other animals, right?
So let's ignore all the torture we impose and pretend that everything is okay
You've got your belly full and I've got mine

I won't be part of this
'Cause now I understand the underlying truths
We take part in the fueling of the machine
That churns out the suffering
For the sake of our convenience
Is this right?

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