I had something to tell you
Something about me that I wanted to tell you
cuz I was scared
I remember all the good times we had
And how much you cared
And how I wouldn't risk it for the world

So I held it in
I pretended to be what you wanted
I wanted to tell you but you made it clear
How you felt, by things you said

So up went the walls and I shut myself in
Into the misery, the misery
I had no one to go to
I had no one else to go to
So I buried my secret nice and deep
And tried not to hate myself

Thanks a lot

Now I'm older and I know
You were the one who was supposed to show me
I could be anything that I wanted to be
But oh not that, not who I really was, who I really am

You know that every time you said those things, it came back down on me
It would haunt me in my nightmares and when I was awake
And I know you didn't plan on this
You thought it was best for me, and you were wrong
And you know that I still love you
But at the same time, when I recall my suffering, I hate you for this one thing

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