I close my eyes and drift away from here
You got a lot to say, lot to say
I don't really see what you mean
But I can feel every word, every touch and phrase
I've got a lot to say
Oooh, I need you too

It's incessantly pulling me outside of where I'm at
I guess the will to take a chance can't be ignored
I cry
I know why

I close my eyes again and I think of you
I grab your hand and you
Say you really need this with me
And I feel good and whole while you are here with me
I'm not good with words
But yah I need you too

It would seem it's too beautiful a night
To not wish upon the stars up in the sky
I know, I'm not this cliche
But she let me down
So I try, I try (to keep hoping for someone new)

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