All I know is I hate being in a place like this
My stomach feels uneasy
I should be scrambling to get back to work
But instead I'm lost within my thinking

I try so hard to believe that beyond
The pits of gray and black
There's something strong, everlasting
I try so hard to ignore every tug
But I swear something claws,
Ravages and bites inside me

But I hope that when I do
Fall on my face and break my back
That she will hold me and understand
That I need extra love and tenderness
That's my cure
I know that her love is all I need
To bring me back to health

Kiss me sweetly

I shouldn't apologize for who I am
This is very much a part of me as well
Do you want passion?
Well, there is a price that comes with intense emotion
But I'd rather be alive and dead than be inbetween

Honestly, I am sorry for being like this
But know, all I need is your love

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