Her bags are packed and waitin' for someone to come and pick'em up outside
ah yeah I don't know
where they come from, man, I aint seen that much luggage in my life
she was always bad about leavin'
especially every time I done her wrong
this time she might be through believin' me
yeah, this time
she might be good as gone, gone, gone

we'd still be together, but she left me
id got mad about it, but it never did upset me
remember me until the day she forgets me
wed still be together, but she left me

she took everything I had except some change that she left in the ashtray
I guess I got that going
for me if I plan on looking at it that way
she loaded up my boat and my motor
she took off with my
guitar and my guns
I heard she ran away with my best friend jake
and I know I'm gonna miss him when
its all said and done

[repeat chorus 2X]

my baby left me

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