Bustin' Out For Rosey

Well I'm bustin' out for Rosey.
'cuz she told me I'm her boy.
Yeah I fell I'm crisp and toastee,
And my soul is jumpin' for joy.

Don't ask me why I am here,
I'd rather have trouble than fear.
My whole life is havin' you near me.

See me struttin, pretty and sassin',
Slippin' and slidin' down the way,
With my Rosey, waitin' for my daddy,
And she's standin' out in the rain.

Hear me comin', hear me comin',
Keep that door unlocked for me.
See me runnin', catch me runnin',
Won't you set my sweet soul free?

I'm gettin' closer, I'm gettin' closer,
Hear my footsteps on your door.
I'm gettin' closer, gettin' closer,
Know I'm comin' back for more.

Set my sweet soul free. Set my sweet soul free

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