You're still captivating even though it's been so long
You use to love me tell me baby what went wrong
Now you march to a different song
I try to understand that we needed space
And every way I turn I see your face
I've been waiting for you to come home
I don't want to be alone

Why did you take away your love
When did you think to just give up
How am I supposed to carry on without you
You are my life

I have changed girl since I last saw you
When you left me you don't know what you put me through
My heart still racing just being next to you
I can't escape the magic in your eyes
Is there a way to make you realize
There's no one more special to my heart
But you want us to be apart
I still love you

Repeat Chorus

You are my world you mean everything to me
You are the air I breathe, the sing I sing
You were my Queen and I was your King
But if we try and work it out
We'll show the world what loves about
Baby come home
Cos I can't take no more of this loneliness and emptiness

Repeat Chorus 2

I still love you.

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