said, i come from alabama
a banjo on my knee
and i'm bound for Louisiana
my true love for to see

it did rain all night the day he left
the weather was bone dry
though the sun was so hot, i drove myself
i drove myself and
and i said
susanna, don't you cloth yourself
cause i'm watchin' every little piece of flesh
on you, darlin'
and i made you, honey
of rubber clay
so susanna, don't you cry
i said, susanna i made you from my flesh
no matter what your daddy did to you
my little earth girl, i said
your my daughter, sweet girl
so susanna, don't you cry


come on, girl

i come from alabama
with a banjo on my knee
i'm bound for every little girl's
sweet thing
i'm gonna set it free, oh girls
i said
susanna, oh don't you hide yourself
no i know you're bone dry, sweet girl
but i made you girl
your little flesh
oh susanna, your daddy's got no
got no claim on you, sweet girl
susanna, don't you cry
i said, susanna, don't you cry

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