Mile marker 2003
The gas gauge leaning on the edge of 'E'
And i'll be danged if the rain aint pourin' down

Somethings smokin' underneath the hood
Theres a bangin' and a clangin' and it cant be good
And it's another 50 miles to the nearest town

Everything I own's in the back in a Hefty bag
Imm out of cigarettes and Im down to my last drag

I'd sure hate to break down here
Nothin' up ahead or in the rearview mirror
Out in the middle of nowhere knowin'
I'm in trouble if these wheels stop rollin'
So God help me keep me movin' somewhere
Dont let me start wishin' I was with her now

Ive made it this far without cyin' a single tear
And i'd sure hate to break down here

A hundred fifty thousand miles ago
Before the bad blood and busted radio
You said I was all you'd ever need
But love is blind and little did i know
That you were just another dead-end road
Paved with pretty lies and broken dreams
Baby, leaving you was easier than being gone
Don't know what i'll do if one more thing goes wrong

(repeat chorus twice)

Its too late to turn around
I'd sure hate to break down here
Mile marker 215

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