If i were down to my last dollar -
Sittin' on an empty tank
I'd be a dollar richer than i was back-in-the-day
When i was playin' for tips and compliments
And half my rent was always spent on beer
Had a thousand dollar stereo
In a two hundred dollar truck
A screwdriver and some cussin'
Always made her start right up
But i tore it up one rainy night
Goin"round a curve when i hit second gear
And i'm just proud to be here

Yeah i'm just proud to be on the right side of the dirt
I've been loved and i've been lost and i've been hurt
I leave the hard stuff up to god
Try not to worry 'bout a whole jot
And i have no regrets for what it's worth
I've been livin' on borrowed time for years
And i'm just proud to be here
I'd like to thank my guardian angels
God must have sent his best
Heaven knows they worked their wings off
Keepin' whiskey off my breath
When i think of all i would have missed
My wife and kids and all that i hold dear

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