Buddy just bought a ribbon-tied box
I wonder what day it could be
The box weighs of a golden rock
She's gonna kill me, if i forget her birthday
But i remember, last time there was snow
It can't be her birthday, cause it's burning hot
So what day is it? please somebody tell me

She's been busy, and so have i
Working overnight, around the clock
Buddy called me up, curios of her present
That's when it all sank to my head
Man, i almost forgot valentine's day
I could take her down at the restaurant
But they're closed, and i'm dead
But not if i have some thing in mind

I'll take the phone oughta the wall
I'll light up the bedroom candles
Gonna put some slow-dance music
We can dance to, all night long
I just wanna hold you close to me
An watch the music fade into your eyes
We can let the music fill the room
An' turn down the lights
Make love till the morning comes
An' just being with you, this time
Is the best gift, i've ever came up with

We don't have to worry about the neighbors
We don't need no wrapped up gifts
An' we don't need some fancy suit
We've got everything we need right here
Laying down, and holding each other tight
Is everything we could ever ask for, this valentine


Honey, do you know where the kids are?

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