Take my hand - understand -
World needs love so strong!
All my life - wasted storm -
Only change - come on!
Get it out - you'd like to shout
But actions lay in past...
All foolish ways stay easy here -
Try to break out!

Spoken word - never heard -
No lovely smile between...
Your memories - black and grey -
Forget what you have seen!
Run away - you'd like to say -
Your hand remains in chains...
Your soul is flying in a trap -
Try to break out!

Taste your lips - bow your hips -
Move your spirit 'round!
Don't believe in theory -
Hear the nature's sound!
Struggle! fight! you'd like to write
On walls in devil's town...
Practise now your own ideas -
Try to break out!

Lazy feet - painful threat -
Nothing touched your hand!
Forces in forsaken place...
No stupid trend can stand!
Wake up, try! you'd like to cry
And fight against hard rules...
The world is waiting for your help -
Try to break out!

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