Come a little closer, baby let me be your star
Later in the evening take a little drive in my car
We can fall in love standing by the traffic lights
Deliver me from madness - come on to the place of delights!

Want is on your sun-face, sure that you're in want of love
Your presence charms a black hell - heaven - I can't get enough!
Scare your silly doubt - burning fever you can't hide
Up 'n' down the dark road - lovers in the night side by side!

Get it now
Get it on
Need your love so strong

Rouse you in the morning - shadows from the night on your face
You try to trick me 'n love but I have to leave my place
'Cause I'm a rover baby - need no woman on my way
Thank you for sweet romance - I don't wanna hang on your tie!


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