Hands holding tight
Only, letting go we let them raise so high
Above our heads
Smiling and screaming to our hearts content.

We never realize how quickly life can change
Or how much these days have meant.
It's like roller coaster that you never want to end.
So look me in the eyes and know
It's all just a ride.

That as the world goes around
We're living through the pain, the tears, and hardest years
For every sharp turn and for every autumn night
Spent inside tree houses and window sills
We've never climbed so high, we're not afraid to fall.

Looking down and waving from the clouds above
(i've never climbed so high, and i'm not afraid to fall)
From way up here i'm not afraid to fall.

These memories have seen me through the pain,
Through the tears and the hardest years.
And i look to you now,
The only one who has ever made me feel so fortunate.

So now i'm waking up each day
And it seems to be too cold to be counting
All of my blessings and feeling so very old.
But whether you're smiling or screaming
I'll be by your side.
I swear i'll be by your side.

And if even it becomes
Hearing you just laughing on the phone
I will never forget those days or ever feel alone.
Never feel alone

Cause i've got dreams to remember
For a lifetime of regret
I've got dreams to remember
And so many years to forget.

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