Knock Knock
Radio Throw the drums in there son,
Yeahhhhhhh Hah!

You got what I want so let's talk about it
Your body is in the zone and I am all about it
Now you are telling me your frustrated cause your man aint even on his job
Listen here
All your request baby I provide it
Call it UPS were bout to overnight it
He don't make it rain,Baby Imma silver lining
Now I feel something rising oooo

Cause I'll be the last man standing
I'll give it to you longer
Going going to the morning
Keep you awake all night
I'll give it to you longer
Going going to the morning
Slow it down shirt off
If you got buttons
I'll rip them off
Lights down
Real low
Turn the music up
And let's go

I can tell you need some satisfaction
Take a trip with me see what I am packing
Hear me when I say I'm always keeping your needs above my own
Baby girl I can knock them out like automatic
Bend ya all around like acrobatics
Take you all the way baby I got the magic
Anything you can have it when you are with me


Can you imagine I memorize what you fantasize
Now how it sound if you say your name right after mine
Now Say it back the other way a couple hundred times
Don't tell your *** my spot is G14 classified
I admire your intellect your bra size
Cause I aspire to run away into the sun rise
You say Im on one going for the long run cuz all I really need is one shot, Golden Gun


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