Wats Up My Nig, Wats Hannanin
Wats Up My Nig, Wats Hannanin
You Got Dem Hoes With Ya And I Got Em Bad
Now You Gon Buss Em Open
Dog You No Me Man
I Get Up In Dem
I Just Go Mental Man
Den Ali He Strap Em Up N Den He Drill Em Man
And Den Lil Strap He Try To Hit Em Bt He Kill Em Man
I Mean Lyk Gettn Down On The Flo Aye Man You Feel Me Man

Can I Hitter(yea), Den I Hitter(yea)
Den I Pass Ha To Ali N Den He Split Ha(yea)
Deni Pull Ha Hair, And Smack Ha Ass
At First I Go Slow Den I Just Go Super Fast
I Do Ha Bad, Lil Strap
You No I'm Bad, I'm Crazy Man
Gotta Strap Up I Don't Want No Baby Man
Pass Ha To Quez And Den He Gon Slay Ha Man

Can I Hitter (yea) [x9]

Can I Least Just Hit Ha
Can I Least Just Do This, She Just Lyk A One Hitter Quitter
I Dig A One Hit Quitter
I F*ck Ha Den I Leave Ha
I Don't Give A Damn, She's A Lie I Don't Believe Ha

She Say She's A Virgin And She Neva Did This Sh*t Before
She Sed She Neva Suck No D*ck Before, I Say Stupid Hoe You Lyn
Damn I'm A Tell You One Mo Time You Is Fine
Damn Shawty Can You Just B Mine Lyk Ooohhhh

Aye, I Don't No Y, Y Ya'll Really Askn Niggas Questions Lyk Cani Hitter
Wat Is My Name(lyk Fareal)
Travis Porter (yea, I Hitter, Yea, I Hitter)

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