Devil always follow yo shadow, prayin to the Lord you make it through the battle
Snakes in the grass trynna bite you in the asshole, trynna be sneaky but man I heard the rattle
Close the door lett'n the flies in the house, always keep it real never lie from ya mouth
Please don't sleep with them pies in ya house, cause them trap boys come and leave ya tied to the couch.
I remember ridin round with pops seein not yo's, pulling round decatuer in a all black tahoe.
Mama told me be a soldier, don't take what not yo's
Daddy tried to show me but he got locked up when I was 4, then I turned back to hell, start cutt'n the fool at school.
When I turned 15 got locked up my first to, gwinnet county, damn I'm fucked up what I'm a do, mama like damn boy what I'm a do with you.

I remember...

The days when I used to rock the skint fade, always stayed with a pair of mj's(spiffy)
Dad always spoiled us, mama told him don't do it cause he can't get everythang for us
To cool for elementary, evidentally, that's why they retained his ass
Asking questions like Rico why yo child so badd and why everytime he lie he change his story so fast(fast)
First sophmore year in high school, write my name on the wall like it's my school
Dad gone so you know I turned straight to them street, got shot one time frozed up for weeks.
Never went to church just to hear the preacher preach
Gotta change my life around cause you know that wasn't me, gotta baby on the way now you know that could'ntbe.
That's a black man life man you know that wouldn't be, QUEZ

I remember them times when my mama ain't have no money, she was hustlin hard just to fill up my little tummy
I was just in middle school acting a little dummy, trynna be cool doing no work, messing with hunnies(dem girls)
But ian no other wise 'til my mama beat me on my back side.
She'll say no tv and no outside, no talkin on the phone 'til you calm down.
Now I'm thankin, I'm bout to give up, nawl I'm a go head and do this work and get my grades up
Why blame it on my mama she who raised us, and deep inside I know she'll never betyray us(foreal)
So do what you got to do today in order to do what you wanna do tomorow
Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow ahhhhhh!

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