[Dj Teknik]
We don't need no damn introduction
Teknikz the motherfuckin DJ
Strap the fufu
Quez the black boe
You kno what that is
Travis Porter
And we Proud to be a muhfuckin Problem
Porter House music group
(Georgia Muscle Boi)
Leh Go

No cure (NO) I don't need to see the doctor (NO)
I'm happy just who I am
Cuz I'm proud to be a problem (I'm a problem)
Give em something that the old folks thought em
Aint no changing who they is cuz they proud to be a problem (We a problem)

Fufu I'm a muhfuckin problem (He a problem)
Ali I'm a muhfuckin problem (He a problem)
I think they kno Quez he a muhfuckin problem (He a problem)
Porter House music group man they a problem (Hahaaa)

Street execs boy
Welcome to my world bitch
I'ma prolly be a problem (Yeah)
I'ma prolly act a fool (ohooo)
I'ma prolly have my shirt off showing hoes my tattoos (Maaan)
I can't wait I can't wait I go get it (I go get it)
Get the cake get the cake is you with it (Come on)
Ever since I was a jit
Daddy told me to get that dough
So I go extra extra hard
Admit that I be on a roll
I kno I kno I kno I kno
Yall niggas really hate me on the low
But you still doin shit for free (And)
I get fifty for a show (Leh go)
Me and Li, Quez and ?? (Who)
Okay Teknik we be moving (Go)
Flyin to the M.I.A
High as fuck so we super cool
And Porter House music group
Get with it or get gone
Yall fuck niggas aint on the shit that we on

I'm a knuckle head (knuckle head)
Wild child (wild)
I'm hard head (oh yeah)
I'm I'ma a problem child (I am)
You don't like it nigga (what)
I don't give a fuck (fuck em)
I'm hangin out the window with a middle finger up (ooohh)
Nerve rucker big head guy
I'm fly as a eagle nigga you pigeon fly
I'm black and proud
I hold my fist up
Matta fact fuck everyone who's against us
Fuck that bitch (fuck em) and that bitch (fuck em)
Fuck beefin witcha ya
I'm tryna get rich
Matta fact a nigga fed up
I'm neva low cuz bitch I'm walkin with my head up

Check somebody tell me where the problem at
And we gone get on top of that
Roger that
Hold up
Somebody tell me where the gwuala
Ballin G uhh where my dollars at
Somebody tell me where my models at
Standin in the club lookin round
Where my bottles at
Matta fact we need fifty wings on the top of that
Porter House music group
Gone head and swallow that
If you don't like it then move on
More buzz than some of you rap niggaz who on
I got this big head Jimmy Neutron
We bout to blast off 5 4 3 2 1

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