All I want is what's on top a yo shoulders
Don't wanna bend u over
No pit pat or riff raff
Suck this thang with ya tit tat
Don't wanna do it girl get back
Suck suck baby no kit kat
Pleeeease baby don't mitch match
Lil strap but RECALLL (strap)
Herr heads on top a yalls
She get to it suck dick an balls
Her sex game is off the wall
And I fuck audience big and tall
Psyche! I was just playin with ya'll
U my type yeah little and small
Right on up to go round and round
Round and round she right and round
I just found
The girl I need to do me just like Nike
Face down no sound I like it
Plus shawty dikin'
She ready for whateva
Girl u betta tell ha...
It's nine inches or betta over here

A Girl all I want is head head
Just a little bit bit bit
Then I'm a lay back on this bed bed
Bitch gimme some head
All I want is head head head
All I want is head head head
All I need is head head head
All I want is head head head
All I need is head head head
All I want is ""
All I need""

Girl come get close to me
Put yo head between my knees
Make yo head go up and down like you jumpin on trampoline
Girl don't come trample me it's enough for all you three
If u wanna get with me then common baby follow me
Get a lil closer let me show u what they all gon see
And it's going where yo jaws should be
Keep yo draws on cause NAW they ain't all for me
Pass that hoe to Strap and he gon beat them walls fa me
He gon break the law fa me
Them hitters unlawfully
Man tell me why WHY?
Why these hoes is all on me
And I ain't all alone
This bitch gave me stadium nigga fuck a dome


I ain't with all that cakin shit
I ain't with all that datin shit
I just want for u to common ova we can make some shit(hey wat dat is?)
A a movie jump in that Jacuzzi
Shawty kissin on me rubbin and tryna seduce me
I ain't tryna fuck shawty on the real tip
Fa real u know what it is
Whisper in her ear lips like Angelina
Makin me wanna say hey what u doin [fade to chorus]

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