Miss you
Do you know where I've been
Do you know what I've seen lately
To a land we call our own
Look for the inside
What was there I couldn't find
It seems the place is now a cave

And so I wander on through the empty fibers
I found a hole that could be filled
And then I found another
You could ask me how come I did nothing
To change my ways

Miss you miss you all my soul
Miss you miss you can't feel whole

Go to where people stare
But what they watch still ain't there
I climbed up there anyway
You never know what it may show
The view was something like time
Everchanging life's endless glow

I saw a future sign
Said 'don't fall behind'
I imagine that is what it meant
Don't want to miss the time for
Getting together on to the land of
Better minds hearts and souls

Miss you miss you all my sould
Miss you miss you need that hole

What are you looking for
Let's take a little time
Knowing that you're whole

Do you know where you are now
Do you know if you've been found
Do you know how long you've been away

Don't mean to bring you down
Don't mean to make you bound
It only means that you hear me

Miss you miss you all my soul
Miss you miss you where'd you go

Everyone flies faster than light
Just to beat the gun
Breakin it down
Makin a sound
Not the only one
Cause I know everybody feels
Everybody's real
Everybody needs a chance
To make a little love someday
Then I'll pray then I'll have to say
That I am with you
Oh, I miss you

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