By joining together
All people of the nations
We can break the color lines
And build communication
Let's begin the dialogue
I'm here to listen
So let's talk

In a world that judges one by race
I fail to join the norm
I only see the problems we'd erase
If prejudice were gone

Ignorance has plagued
This world too long
I pray our minds will overcome

We've got to find a way
Come together, make it better
What a difference that could make
We're gonna find a way
(Gotta find it)
Time has come to make a stand
(Gotta find it)
Hand in hand

If we take a look inside our hearts
The answer could be found
And if we get together we can start
To turn this thing around

Living here in this confusion
There can be just one conclusion


There's only hope
Deep within my soul
That we'll seek
The knowlegde
To achieve our goal
We should see the world
Through children's eyes
And love each other
Like a brother
It's alright


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