How can I say goodbye
How can I even try
Why can't I find a place
Where I don't see your face
How can I free my soul
When my heart won't let go
If what we had is gone
Why do I still hang on to you
You're a part of my life
Every night and every day
I keep tryin' to walk away

But how can I say goodbye
How do I live that lie
Tryin' to make believe
You're not a part of me
How do I wish you well
Riding love's carousel
Don't you know all the while
I'm just tryin'
To find a smile for you
When I'm fallin' apart
Hide my tears
When you're around
'Cause I don't
Wanna bring you down

I know there's a reason
You're fading away
But baby I don't have a clue

So how can I say goodbye
How can I say goodbye to you

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