I'm checking out your babe
She's hot
I'm checking out your babe
So what

Does it make you nervous
Does it make you twitch
When you see a woman
Checking out your

Hang on tight
Or she might be bored
With your one trick pony
Be prepared to walk into your lair
And find she's strapped it on
And wants to bone ya

When you can't get it up
And you think you can't fuck
Cuz your tongue was just made
For talking
Don't be surprised if
She stops waiting for a rise
Outta you and sends you walking

Hey playboy
So you think she's your playtoy
Made for your sensual pleasure
Don't get upset don't pitch a shit fit
When you see the two of us together

She thinks you're a dolt
She's looking for a jolt
From someone who understands
She's weary of neglect
She wants simple respect
From someone with a small hand

Better be sweet quit beating your meat
You might find a girl in her pants
Listen to her you'll be missing her
When she's ripping it up with some fine young opups
Like us

Like your wife

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