Jim where you go
Jim what you see my friend
Jim what you know
Jim where you be my friend

You always had one foot in the great beyond
You knew when you were here
We wouldn't know you long
You want to go join Rimbaud
I'm living in my second skin
I named my dick after you
My girl she likes you Jim

Darby where you go
Darby what you see
Darby what you know
Darby where you be

Aw fuck he's got the peanut butter again

Feel on your ass
Roll around in glass
You forgot the words
You sang la la la
Life was fucked
So you checked out
My heart adores your drooling pout
Play Ken to my Barbie

Sid where you go
Sid what you see
Sid what you know
Side where you be

Always talking about anarchy
Led the lemmings into the sea
We believed in you
You're so punk rock
Killed your girlfriend
You're so fucked up
Looked up punk
In the dictionary
Your pissed-off face
Is all i see
Never claimed to be our savior
Knocked yourself off
And did us all a avor

You were a nihilist
Darby was oblivious
Jim was dionisious

Don't wanna be

I wanna be

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