People hate me
People hate me
I know its the case

Is it the metal in my face
Is it the ring in my tit
My girlie's name delicately traced
In permanent ink on my arm that's it

People hate me
I make a lotta noise
They're kind scared cuz I don't need boyz
Whisker biscuit's what I likes to lick
I ain't the kinda chick where they can stick their prick

People hate me
For the color of my skin and the shape of my eyes
Cuz I might take revenge for the lies their daddies
Told my kin
I might take their life cuz they raped my mom
I might have a knife or a gun or a bomb
Or a machete

People hate me
Cuz I'm not like them
I don't give a shit where I spit my phlegm
Castrating bitch
Show my tits
Don't shave my legs or my armpits

People hate us
We start trouble
Fuck shit up burst their bubble
We like chainsaws and fake blood
From Bloomington to Boston
Our name's mud

People hate me
Cuz I'm not gonna die
They'd like me lot if I commited suicide
They'd think I was great if I would just go away
But i'm not cuz i got
A lotta of shit to say

People hate me!

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