They want to see me cry
I would rather fly
I'm swimming in my grease
Angel, touch my face

She leads me by my hand
To castles in the sand
Suffocating from concrete
She I like to meet
I have to leave to look
I had to take a took (?)
I have to feel alone
I have to change my tone

I begin to wash my sins
I'm tryin' (?), my life begins

I sit up, I stand down
I sit up, I spin around

I should lose my friends
And I forget these bells
I'll spend time with me
And take a time to see
(Tricky: I sit up)

I learn about myself
(Tricky: stand down)
crowded since my twelve
My / his (?) mother said I'm special
(Tricky: round and round)
On my starship vessel

She left me now, she's gone
(Tricky: stand down)
She gives to give a song / the gift of song (?)
She gives to give,
(Tricky: round and round)
She gives to give a song
(Tricky: I sit up, stand down, I sit up)

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