I listen to your footstep when you're walking up the flop
I'd like to love you babe
But you won't give me more
You don't understand today

Came back from a Party which is to be as foretold
I am so very sure then to meet you in this door
Your don't understand the way

If you will gave a little chance in order to show you
Then I can give you more than I know how to do
There's no interest at all

I listen to your footstep when you're creeping up the flop
You're wrestling with you're key and you're tired of picking doors
Have a good time I'm in your bed

Living is all of the dead-ended life
No need to fail if you don't realize
Living is mostly what they've never seen
Working for something that they'll never be

I'm looking for the way to write my symphony
Refreshing words all we can give the needed misery
It is the period of shame

I'd like to join the force to fly away from all
Which are preventing me from realizing facts
Which never been confronted to my rule

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