You got to play it
Cooler - you wake up in the morning
and you're absolutely hanging over Cooler - your shoes don't fit
and your hair is such a disgrace
Cooler you're dozing off at the office
Cooler - then you go sleeping
sleeping in the elevator
Cooler - be aware of making dog's ears on the files Cooler - you know boy,
the insurance company must survive Cooler - now it's twelve o'clock
so welcome to the canteen
Cooler - please eat fast, don't have a talk watch the watch, we're so cool absolutely cool
brains out of plastic
faces out of plastic
hearts out of plastic
souls out of plastic
They're daughters like their mothers disturbed relationships
You got to play it
Cooler - in the afternoon your head is shrinking
Cooler - between Data Processing and ITT equipment
Cooler - your vis à vis is braggin'
'bout her husband's income tax
Cooler - she's always dressed in the latest style
showing off their two-job life
Cooler one holiday in summer
one holiday in winter
Cooler - you can't stand it anymore
and you're absolutely hanging over overcooled overcooled...

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