Last week, I was called to the foreman
he said, "you're a dirty bloke!!"
"don't lie, I'm sure you took the money
we collected for your old man's death..."

So I stood in the door
with a tear and I felt confused
I was charged for a crime
feeling sad to have no clue

Walking out in the night
on a dark and empty street
got no hope
want to drink
'til I can't stand on my feet

Hello!! I'd like a Double Dimple!
good and strong
running down my throat!
let's drink, everything's simple
spend my money
even sell my coat

There I sit in the corner
and watch my empty glass
All my hangups are gone
and I'm feeling fine at last

Walking out in the night
on a dark and empty street
where is home?
I'm so tired and want
to go to sleep

Wakin' up in the morning
when the sun is shining high
find myself in the gutter
see people passing by

morning came on the hill
smell of snow was in the air

saw the sun rising up
felt the warmth
of a new born day

I feel like dying
I never had
the chance to prove
just to lose

And so the race is run
a new life has begun
I stay on the road
a loser in rags
give me a fag

Some of my old friends warned me
they said you'll never break the chain
that keeps us all apart from
the other society

Mine is the road to nowhere
no sign, no light to guide me
who could describe my anger
when I was sacked last Friday?

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