Hm, hm,
Hello, my name is Rudy T6rner.
I come from Cologne, West Germany. You know, the west is the best.
I have no job, but I have a moped
and the only thing I really want is to become a real rasta man somewhere in Jamaica But I don't have money so - I don't know, but some day it will happen.
Ever since I was a little boy
I've been waiting for that day
To get down to Jamaica
But I never made it all the way
I tried to make some money
But I couldn't find a steady job
So I spent my days and nights
Down in the parking lot
And jojo for a dime
(Prime Jojo time)
Hello, I'm Rudy the rasta man
I reggae my jojo wherever I can
Move it up and move it down
I jojo all over town
I wish my momma would understand
That Jamaica is the place for a reggae man
But she won't let me go
And that's what grieves me so
One night alone in the parking lot
This girl is passing by
She stops and stares in disbelief
At my Jojo right before her eyes
I move it up and move it down
Show her all the tricks I know
Then I tell her 'bout the place
Id like to go -Now she is going too
(What a Jojo will do)
I'm Rudy, I'm ready
I reggae my Rudy
Move it up and move it down
I rudy all over town
Watch out Jamaica
'Cos here I come..

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