Road to ruin,
No paper trail,
No mercy shown,
For heavens sake.
Sheets on the wall,
Ashamed to love,
Fuck, it bends
So refuse to come.
Cheery call,
Chug along,
Knock it off till you see that beauty's gone.
Perfect bloom,
Perfect might,
Sell it as this love crept out of sight.
It's been a while i'm made of ribbon,
He's been inside now i'm full of him.
To here knows when, our clearance cold.
I'm dressed for space, now can I go?
Well he needs me,
Like a royal fox.
Like he sorry's me,
Like he smokes the rocks.
Several masks,
To last the year,
Makes life dance,
Right out of me.
It's too hard to dream,
Well fickle me.
Put it in the icebox,
Then we'll see.
Wasting time,
You've been caught,
Bored unravelling,
Knot for knot

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