You break your chains to release the tension
Your spirit never breaks on decisions to be free.
You know your friends and enemies
Are tricks of fantasy
You know that your feeling capture
What others never see
Then you fool yourself that you won't, but you can
If it only happens now.
Straighten up and move !
Defend yourself
They're talkin'about you !

You're a prisoner of your past
But hanging on to yesterday's emotions
Won't heal your wounds tomorrow
Educate your heart with good
Society spits in your face
First you laugh, then you cry
You can't heal tomorrow's emotions
By pretending your past is dead.

Straighten up and move !
Defend yourself
They're talkin'about you !

You celebrate when you know you've won,
But when you lose you're still having fun
The martyr carries a deathly burden
In murdering himself on the order of his mind.
So let your force keep you marching on.
A man condemned will never understand
The veins of plastic propaganda
So he pays them back with diction
That the media look at with wounded eyes.
But you're the man who'll pay his way
Then be told you're off to war
To die as a sacrifice to no one.
But if you're strong you carry on
With birth of your years you've lived.
Get them out, go on, get them out !
Get out your claws !

To many given back memories
Of when you kicked yourself for being young
A thousand million movies
Run silent in your mind
But loud and clear an echo screams
Tears to flood the road to nowhere.
So ask yourself a lie,
Then answer back with truth.

Straighten up and move !
Get your claws !

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